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Silver Fish – EPC – Enviro Pest Control
Silver Fish
Latin Name:Lepisma saccharina
Length:12-19 mm
Color:White to brown-grey or bluish-silver in color
Digestive Tract:Yes

Silverfish in Melbourne

Approximately 28 species of silverfish are found in Australia and five of these species are commonly found in buildings and homes across Melbourne.

Silverfish are so named due to its silvery, metallic appearance and fish-like shape and quick movements.

They are small, agile, fast-running, wingless insects that can frequently be found in commercial and domestic premises. Silverfish are nocturnal and tend to hide their presence from humans, which means any damage they have caused could go unnoticed.

More than just a nuisance, Silverfish are known for their destructive feeding habits and can cause a serious problem in large numbers. Silverfish survive in most environments and can be found in roof and wall voids; and prefer dark, damp and rarely disturbed places such as cupboards, wardrobes and bookshelves with a high humidity level.

Silverfish require starches, carbohydrates and protein to survive. Silverfish seek out substances high in these. That means they will eat almost anything -fabric, clothing, paper, glue, carpeting, hair, photos, plaster, wallpaper and other materials.

Don’t risk extensive damage to valuable items containing cellulose such as photographs, books and other records that can’t easily be replaced. If you open a book and find that the pages have holes and look half-eaten, you may very well have silverfish infesting your home.

It is possible for some people to be allergic to silverfish, due to their dried shed scales that combined with dust can be inhaled, causing an allergic reaction.

They are very hard to get rid of since they are resistant to most insecticides so call EPC – Enviro Pest Control today.

  • Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)
    • 13-25 mm long
    • Silvery or grey in colour
    • Tapered, tail-like appearance
    • Wingless, with 2 slender antennae used
    • They have three long appendages (two cerci, which have a sensory function, and one appendix dorsalis, the dorsal anal appendage) at the rear of the abdomen
    • Eggs are laid in batches of around 50
    • Nocturnal
    • Move fast horizontally and are good climbers

Breeding and Life Cycle of Silverfish

The courting and mating ritual of the silverfish is quite prolonged as it consists of three stages. During stage one, the male and female face each other, touch antennae, back off and repeat. During stage two, the male runs away while the female chases him. Finally, during the third and final stage, they line up side-by-side, head to tail and complete their mating ritual.

The silverfish goes through only three stages of life:

  • Egg – Silverfish insects lay eggs all year round. The eggs take twenty to forty days to hatch.
  • Nymph – The nymph is the smaller version of the adult insects.
  • Adult – The silverfish insects reach maturity in just three to four months. These insects are white initially and turn silver only after reaching adulthood.

Signs of Silverfish presence

Like cockroaches, silverfish also have a taste for eating glue. You will find them under drawer protective liner sheets or hiding behind wallpaper on the wall. EPC – Enviro Pest Control most often finds them living among the bindings of your books. As silverfish can often be widely distributed throughout a premises, it is necessary to consider multiple methods of pest control using pesticides to ensure the effectiveness of any EPC treatment. Cleaning up before an application of pesticide is also beneficial and can increase the effectiveness of various pesticides reaching the target area.

EPC’s Fun facts about Silverfish

  • Very long lived, 3-6 years on average
  • Silverfish can live up to a year without food
  • Silverfish hate the smell of citrus
  • Can jump as high as 2 feet vertically

Why Hire EPC – Enviro Pest Control To Remove Silverfish?

At EPC – Enviro Pest Control we have a lot of experience when it comes to silverfish treatments in Melbourne.

A thorough inspection is a prerequisite to treatment. EPC will inspect your home and inspect your business building and treat the infestation to a control and elimination service.

Other reasons to hire us as your Silverfish treatment service are:

  • EPC – Enviro Pest Control staff are Trained Specialists and are experienced at getting rid of silverfish and understand the importance of a fast, efficient solution
  • We arrive on time!
  • EPC – Enviro Pest Control staff are discreet, friendly and professionally presented
  • Fairly priced service with advice to help prevent silverfish coming back
  • EPC – Enviro Pest Control’s pest management services including for silverfish are effective

To arrange a Silverfish Treatment in Melbourne, call EPC – Enviro Pest Control on 03 9988 5066 now.